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How to login and access study materials?

Currently www.rijadeja.com website have thousands of registered students but only few students (below 50) are feeling problems for login and downloading study materials. I cannot change whole system for few members. That's why I have created this help center.  This help center covers all major issues. I've provided enough details in this help center, that's why I will not answer any technical queries through email. Sorry for inconvenience.

Unable to read Gujarati or Hindi fonts at www.rijadeja.com?
I've used IME Indic fonts (Gujarati & Hindi) for this website. This font is support every operating system and also support MS Office without installing fonts. Can't read this fonts?? Anyway, download IME Indic fonts and install it on your computer. You can download this fonts from Microsoft or Google's official website:

Microsoft: http://bhashaindia.com/Downloads/Pages/home.aspx
Google: www.google.com/ime/transliteration